Glitter Toes And A Giveaway!

My friend Emily is a certified nail technician and is now doing GLITTER TOES!!! Cha-Chow!! I was so excited about this news.
I have dreamed of having glitter toes and had no where to go, especially with a reasonable price. So you can bet your glittery buns that I made an appointment ASAP when she started them up.
A great time, 20 minutes and $20 later I had myself some GOLD glitter toes! They look like this but on my toes and let me say, they are a H-I-T:

Emily offers Glitter Toe parties.
It has to be 6 or more girls and she will come to YOUR house to make your toes shine! It is $20 for adults and $15 for girl 12 and under. And if YOU host the party, you get yours done for FREE!
Want to know one of the best parts? They last 6 weeks! Can't beat that. Especially with summer time, flip flops, BBQS and swimming it is the best way to make your feet glamorous.
So if you live in the valley and want some of your very own Glitter Toes or want to throw a Glitter Toe party email Emily at:
See. She's legit. And gorgeous. And she's offering one local lucky reader a chance to get your toes Glitter-fied for free.

To Enter leave seperate comments for each completed:

1} Leave a comment telling me which color glitter you want.
2} Grab my button and put it on your blog and leave me a comment telling me you did and or follow this here blog.
3}Post/Facebook about this giveaway.
4} Tell me your favorite color.

A winner will be announced Friday June 11th.

Thanks for playing friends. You're the best.
If ya talk to Em, tell her I sent ya. ;)


Rasha said...

These are SO cute!

I would probably want the aqua blue for the summer!

and my favorite color is orange!

Rasha said...

I follow this blog!

Whitney said...

I just died!! I love them! for summer my toes need hot pink!

Whitney said...

Im a follower!!

Whitney said...

I can never choose my favorite color because it changes so often and I love them all. Right now its Aqua. Tomorrow, who knows?

JT, Britt & Bella said...

Ohh my I have been searching for someone to do glitter toes forever!! I would love to have mine done for lake powell in a couple weeks!! I like all the colors, too hard to choose from!

JT, Britt & Bella said...

and now I follow your blog :D

Cody & Britt said...

i love em and have been dying to try these :) and i think i'd have to go with purple...or maybe blue?

Chylie said...

I would want yellow glitter toes!

Chylie said...

My favorite color is torquoise!

SloneFamily said...

All my comments are weirdly broken up... Blogger and my computer no likey eachother lately.

I want my glitter toes to be a pretty sparkly Turquoise!!!!!!!!