And We Have A Winner...Finally.

I am so sorry I am such a slacker!!
Have you been waiting in anticipation?
If so, I'm even more sorry!!
I wish I could give 10 more of these beauties, I do.
But alas, I am not Emerson and I do not make anything...except my bed.
Finally, the winner of the Emerson Gold Coin Lion Necklace, chosen at random is:

Sunshine Hillyard!!!Delete
Blogger Sunshine Hillyard said...

I have wanted one of these beauties for quite sometime...let's be honest I've wanted ANYTHING emersonmade for quite some time!
I'm obsessed OBSESSED I tell you and would die a sweet death if you would pick me!!!

p.s. Im obsessed OBSESSED I tell you with your "it's a love story" blog:)

Congrats Sunshine!
Email me (in the next 48 hours) so we can get you your special treat!


EmersonMade Giveaway! Hooray!

When I got my EmersonMade gold coin necklace in the mail, I squealed and held it close to my heart. It was my dream and it is so dreamy.
Emerson is one talented gal who designs and creates her clothes, flower pins and even her gold coin necklaces.
I dreamed of having the Bird coin necklace and was over the moon that the kind hearted people at EmersonMade sent one to me.
I am in love.

The lovely folks at EmersonMade would love to gift one of you this gold coin necklace of the Lion.
On it reads, "FIDUCIA, VIRTUS, AMPLITUDO" which translates to "Confidence, Courage, Nobility of Soul."
Isn't that just the greatest thing?
I'll tell you what.When I wear mine, which is almost everyday, I like to put my hand up to my little birdie and remember, "Always towards better things."

So who wouldn't like to be reminded to be confident, courageous and noble.
And a plus, it's super eloquent and versatile.

For your chance to win this darling EmersonMade gold coin Lion necklace leave one simple little comment telling me you would love to win anything EmersonMade.
Because really, who wouldn't?

Emerson, thank you for inspiring women around the world every single day.
You are a gem.


My Shabby Apple Dress, Her Shabby Apple Dress

I love these dresses Shabby Apple sent us. Mine is so comfy and can be dressed up and also worn casual. It never lets me down.
I would wear it every Sunday to church but...that would get old.
Not for me, but for my husband. ;)
I am in love with the stripes and the way it is fitted.
Tight on the top and flows out on the bottom.
Great for twirling. Picnics. Weddings. Parties.
You name it.Gosh, I love it.
Maddix's melts my little clothing filled heart everytime she wears it. It is a perfect and one of a kind little girl dress.She likes to wear it to church. Dress Up. Tea Parties. Birthday Parties. And soon: to Preschool.
Thanks Shabby Apple.

We sure love us some Shabby Apple Dresses!

I promise if you get one or have one, they are the best dresses you will ever own.
Your body will love you for it.
And, and, and for one month you can receive 10% off your entire purchase!
Just enter "Lovestory3215" at checkout.
Shhh-weeet! Thanks Shabby Apple.

p.s. have you heard of Giveaway Scout? Check it out.


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Hello, I am such a slacker! So without further adieu...
The proud owner of a new wall stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils is:
PeaceLoveLauren who said:Delete

Blogger PeaceLoveLauren said...

oh. my. heavens. these are absolutely perfect!
i squeeeeeeeeeed will glee when i saw this post,i've literally been searching for these all of my life. GAH!! i'm getting married in august & our poor little apartment is crap on a stick... BUT we can paint the walls. ahhhhh this is perfect!


Congrats girl!
May your apartment be as cute as you are! And happy wedding month! xoxo
{{Email me and I will set you up with Janna so you can redeem your prize.}}
Stay tuned...
More giveaways coming atcha!


TOMS Winner & Another GIveaway!

The winner...well you are all winners...but the receiver of the TOMS $50 gift certificate is Kristen who said:
Blogger Kristen said...

I dream of Toms every night. I have tried some on at Nordstroms everytime Im there and never get them because my husband hates them. I say "buy a pair, give a pair sweetie!" and he says, "oh so you spend $50 for two people to have ugly shoes!!" I want them so bad!!!!

I feel sick to my stomach and now I have to poop! Thanks, and I have to wait 1 whole week before I can relax!!


Yay for you Kristen! Now, you can relax and not poop.
Email me so I can get your info.
And to all you other girls, this was so much fun.
So much, in fact that we are going to be doing this again very soon so stay tuned!
Maybe you will all end up with a pair. Yippee!!

Moving right along...
I am so excited for this giveaway. Janna, from Cutting Edge Stencils is giving a $40 gift certificate to her shop! She creates one of kind stencils for your walls. They are darling.Fun, right?
I'm sure we all have a room in our house that needs a little somethin'-somethin', and she has the key.
We are currently re-doing a whole new room for Miss Maddix, and you can bet one of these is going on her walls. Actually, I will be getting this one:
So think about.
Pick a Wall Stencil.
Dream about.
Pick a room.
Enter this fun giveaway.
And make your dream happen.

Thanks Janna.
You rock.

To enter leave seperate comments for each:

1} A simple comment saying you want a stencil.
2} Blog, Facebook, Twitter about the giveaway.
3} Tell me which stencil is your favorite.
4} If you had to pick a room, where would you put one of these stencils?

You have till July 11th to enter.

Ready, Freddy?


TOMS Giveaway!

I love my TOMS and my TOMS love me.
They are like heaven on my feet. Everytime I go to put a different pair of shoes on I always go back to those. They are so comfy and go with everything. There's not much more you could ask for in a shoe.
I even bought Bronson some for school. Talk about cute!
Mr. C has some.
My brothers have some.
Even my mom.
Do you?
If not, or if you want another pair this giveaway is calling your name!For a limited time only, this here blog is giving away a $50 gift certificate to TOMS so you may choose whichever pair suits you best. And whichever color. I'm so excited for the winner.
Making your chances even better, you can enter in this giveaway up to five times.

To do so leave seperate comments for each acquired:

1} Telling me how much you want a pair.

2} Blog, Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway.

3} What your favorite TOMS shoe is!

4} Follow this blog.


5} If you had to pick: PB&J or Ham and Cheese?

You have until July 3rd to enter!
Good luck my dear friends.
Now spread the word...


Winner, Winner: Glitter Toes

And the winner of a free glitter-fied session with Emily is:

Rasha ♥

Congrats girl!
What color are you gonna get?
Email me and I will set you up with Emily.
Then, when you are done with her you can come on over to my house and drink lemonade on the front porch swing.
Or something like that.

Stay tuned for more giveaways coming your way...


Glitter Toes And A Giveaway!

My friend Emily is a certified nail technician and is now doing GLITTER TOES!!! Cha-Chow!! I was so excited about this news.
I have dreamed of having glitter toes and had no where to go, especially with a reasonable price. So you can bet your glittery buns that I made an appointment ASAP when she started them up.
A great time, 20 minutes and $20 later I had myself some GOLD glitter toes! They look like this but on my toes and let me say, they are a H-I-T:

Emily offers Glitter Toe parties.
It has to be 6 or more girls and she will come to YOUR house to make your toes shine! It is $20 for adults and $15 for girl 12 and under. And if YOU host the party, you get yours done for FREE!
Want to know one of the best parts? They last 6 weeks! Can't beat that. Especially with summer time, flip flops, BBQS and swimming it is the best way to make your feet glamorous.
So if you live in the valley and want some of your very own Glitter Toes or want to throw a Glitter Toe party email Emily at:
See. She's legit. And gorgeous. And she's offering one local lucky reader a chance to get your toes Glitter-fied for free.

To Enter leave seperate comments for each completed:

1} Leave a comment telling me which color glitter you want.
2} Grab my button and put it on your blog and leave me a comment telling me you did and or follow this here blog.
3}Post/Facebook about this giveaway.
4} Tell me your favorite color.

A winner will be announced Friday June 11th.

Thanks for playing friends. You're the best.
If ya talk to Em, tell her I sent ya. ;)


Winner, Winner

And the winner of the $30 gift certificate to shop Grigio is:


Congrats girl!

Email me your email address @


Stay tuned for more fun giveaways...


I love Etsy: Giveaway!!

My dear friend Rossana is the owner of an Etsy shop. Actually, three of them. She has offered a $30 gift certificate, good for one of her 3 shops.
I love her jewelry.
Here's some of my favorites:{angel wing ring}

{awesome bike ring}

{this locket say "more than my own life" in french}

{tyrannosaurus rex necklace}

{this darling little 'friends forever' necklace}

Be sure to check out Rossana's shop/shops. You will find something you have to have!

To enter this here giveaway, leave separate comments for each of these acquired:

1} A good ole' comment.

2} Leave a comment telling me your favorite T.V. show of all time.

3} Become a follower/and or/ subscriber of this blog.

Winner will be announced Saturday, May 29th.



Sunja Link

This shop is amazing. It really is. Sunja is so talented and creative. Check out some of her items:

So adorable. Love that they are so original. No one is bound to have the same piece as you.
Sunja was so kind to offer us all a 30% off promo code.
Go check out her darling site.
Just enter thirtypercentoff at checkout.
Such a good deal!